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Investment Based Green Card

Green Card

Through Investment

At Sukkar & Associates we qualify businessmen who own small, medium or large businesses overseas and who seek to branch out to the U.S. either through opening a wholly owned subsidiary of their foreign business in the U.S. or through investing in a 50-50 joint venture with a U.S. partner. Through the establishment of a qualified new business or purchasing fifty percent of a qualified existing business, ANY business owner can obtain a work visa and residency for far less than the half a million dollars required under the EB-5 visas.

If you own a business overseas and seek to open a branch or enter into a joint venture in the U.S. with another business, you could qualify for a work visa (L-1 or E-2) Link to Work Visas page and permanent residency “Green Card” in the U.S. Link to Permanent Residency Green Card page

YOUR primary goal as an intending immigrant is not only to make sure that you are qualified for immigration but ALSO, to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by business owners who end up selling you a failing business.

Our firm can protect you from such fraudulent schemes that would cause you to lose your capital investment or life savings by reviewing the documents and records of the business or venture in which you intend to invest BEFORE you sign any contracts or invest any amount of money.

Safety and Security

If you are starting a new business, buying an existing business, or purchasing a new or an existing franchise, our expertise in real estate and U.S. immigration laws will be effective tools in helping you start on a solid and secure financial foundation which would clearly qualify you for the intended immigration benefits sought.

If you desire to start a new business but do not know where to look, we can also help you find an investment. Numerous business owners and affiliated real estate brokers work with Best Florida Properties, Inc., to offer you a solid investment with certified income tax returns making sure you are investing in a legitimate business with a good track record before you risk your capital. MORE IMPORTANTLY, our firm will review the investment to make sure that it qualifies you for the immigration benefits you seek.

Before you start a new business or buy an existing business, contact us so we can ensure that your investment will give you the immigration benefits you are seeking (i.e. work visa or green card).

Our team of attorneys, brokers, realtors, accountants and financial institutions will ensure that you are making a sound business investment. See our Helpful Links section for a link to our business associates who can assist you in evaluating a prospective business to purchase that can lead to immigration benefits.

Contact us so we can discuss the type of business you are looking for and the immigration benefits you are seeking.

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